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Fine Arts Faculty Don Porcaro’s Springfield show gets a write up in “2 Paragraphs” blog

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Colorful and quirky, Don Porcaro’s Sentinels sculptures stand at the cusp of what the artist refers to as “the monster and the child,” the region of our collective psyche that informs our youthful imagination. Six Sentinels mounted on pedestals flank two walls are stationed at the Gallery entrance to greet visitors of the Michele & Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts (Springfield, MA) as they arrive.

Porcaro’s The Cabinet of Nomads (2013) is 19 feet-long with 193 Nomads positioned on shelves, representing the various member states of the United Nations. Each shelving unit diminishes in height, length, and width, leading viewers down the long corridor of the gallery where a separate installation of Nomads titled Yellow Brick Road (2011-2013) brings the exhibit to its end.

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