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Fine Arts Faculty Andrea Geyer Receives Global Residency Grant from Creative Time

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otto+tschirnOpportunities for artists to travel are more abundant than ever—an international art fair or biennial seems to be under way at any given moment. Yet while these global meeting grounds provide valuable opportunities for the international art community, artists rarely find the time to connect their travel to their own practice in a meaningful way. Creative Time’s Global Residency Program, is  designed to enable artists to step off the treadmill of exhibition making and into the world to explore a burning question that cannot be fully pursued in the studio. Unlike the traditional residency, which gives artists a place to retreat from the world, we invite artists to engage deeply with communities and locations across the globe, seeking answers to their questions, inspiring new directions in their practice, and making a meaningful contribution to a local community.

Over the past four decades, Creative Time has commissioned and presented ambitious public art projects with thousands of artists throughout New York City, across the country, around the world—and now even in outer space. Our work is guided by three core values: art matters, artists’ voices are important in shaping society, and public spaces are places for creative and free expression.

Andrea Geyer will explore the relationship of culture and religion at the Hermannsburg Mission, in central Australia. Established on Aboriginal lands by German Lutherans in the nineteenth century, Hermannsburg became home to an Aboriginal art movement. It was returned to traditional ownership in 1982. Geyer will engage with the local community to explore the cultural impact of Christianization on them, both historically and today. In so doing, she will examine many of the questions she has addressed in recent work, but in a dramatically new context.

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