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Fine Arts Alum Tariku Shiferaw to Participate in “Open Sessions”, Feature in Two Solo Shows

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Tariku Shiferaw, Parsons MFA Fine Arts Alum, will be partaking in the upcoming iteration of The Drawing Center’s Open Sessions program (2018-2020), which began in May. Open Sessions is a two-year program open to artists working in a variety of disciplines. Participating artists cooperatively organize most activities with the Open Sessions curators, Rosario Guiraldes and Lisa Sigal, including exhibitions in The Drawing Center’s Lab gallery and other venues, as well as public programs, studio visits, and informal gatherings. Open Sessions grapples with some of the most salient ideas concerning drawing and art today.

 If I Go There, I Won’t Stay There 

Opens September 22, 6-8pm at ltd Los Angeles.

Shiferaw will be at the opening reception in Los Angeles. The exhibition runs from September 22 – November 3.
Alteronce Gumby, James Hayward, Ravi Jackson, Richard Jackson, Jule Korneffel, Jim Lambie, Ilana Savdie, Tariku Shiferaw, Vaughn Spann, and Monique Van Genderen will be participating in this abstract painting exhibition.

To Dream Avant-Garde

Curated by Alteronce Gumby

Sept. 28 – Nov. 4, at Hammond Harkins Galleries in Columbus, OH

To dream avant-garde is to dream radically, without limitations of the mind, to imagine what has not been seen and dwell in the presence of nouveau. As an acknowledgment to those innovators, whom were also dreamers of an American identity and country to call their own, the artists in this exhibition display a survey of ideas, intention and materials that invoke the legacy and culture of Harlem. In reflection of the Harlem Renaissance contemporary artists Derek Fordjour, Aaron Fowler, Hugh Hayden, Lucia Heirro, Leslie Jimenez, Eric Mack, Faith Ringgold, Tschabalala Self, Tariku Shiferaw, and Dave Shrobe will present works engaging with the Theme to dream avant-garde.
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