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Submit your Summer and Fall ’14 External Partnership proposals by Monday 3/17

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The External Partnership Committee is meeting on 3/18. If you have any proposals for upcoming collabs, workshops, or other extracurricular projects with an external partner, and if the potential partnership  imposes some obligations and responsibilities on the Institution), please submit them vita our External Partnerships Faculty Registration Form by Monday, 3/17 so we can look over them and ask you any questions before determining whether we can start on Memorandum Of Understanding or contract process with the legal department. 

When in doubt, send anyway. Note, you need to be logged into your email account to access the form.

If you haven’t quite gotten your collab proposals together, no worries. The deadline for submitting Fall ’14 collabs requiring EPC agreements will be April 1st. 

How faculty should engage in a partnership:

All external partnerships (relationships with outside organizations that expect a deliverable from Parsons) should be vetted through the External Partnerships Committee regardless of whether or not a contract has been discussed. If you are faculty working with an external partner in any capacity, we ask that you:

1. Make sure that a Program Director/s or the AMT School Dean is aware of and approves the project

2. Fill out our External Partnerships Faculty Registration Form. Note, you need to be logged into your email account to access the form.


Proposals for classes to run in the spring, November 1

Proposals for classes to run in the fall, due in by April 1

For non-class based proposals, we will review on a rolling basis.

Important things to understand about External Partnerships:

It is the University policy that students own all of the Intellectual Property rights in the work they create while at Parsons. The University does not own it, and neither it nor faculty can negotiate away students’ IP

Unlimited, exclusive licenses are almost never approved by the committee. Perpetual non-exclusive licenses always raise red flags with the committee. However, if AMT deems a potential partner or opportunity of sufficient value to the students, our committee will be available to attempt to negotiate terms that protect our students’ rights.

Competitions offered to Parsons and other schools/individuals are not partnerships. We can review the terms and conditions to advise for or against posting a competition to the AMT blog or other communications outlets.

More info about who we are and how we work can be found  here.

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