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BFACD Faculty Highlight: Chris Allick

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Fart Code – Fart Code is a fun and simple way to discover the fart power of food! Fart Code uses the Factual API to determine the ingredients of a product based on its bar code. After figuring out which ingredients are in the product and case gas a sample sound file is generated to listen to and share. Scanned products are logged so a mobile website can be shared to show off the fart sound to a friend.

Communication Design faculty Chris Allick teaches Creative Computing and works at Droga5 as Creative Technology Director where he tries to create non-traditional approaches to advertising.

In general I try and create work that is fun and delightful with a simple insight. There is a conceptual side, and a lot research that goes on behind the scene, but I rarely work on a project that doesn’t make you smile in the end. I love teaching at Parsons. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve done in a long time. The students are great, even if they don’t do their homework sometimes. They are very busy and have all sorts of amazing things to learn during their academic journey. That forces me to focus, and find tangible value in creative computing and interaction design. If it’s not useful and compelling, they’ll move on. In trying to find that real value, and fresh ways of discussing often dense topics, I always find new truths and exciting things to think about. Do your homework!



Cloud Carbon – Cloud Carbon is a Chrome Extension that calculates the carbon footprint created by your use of Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix. Each time you open a new tab in Chrome you’ll see your stats as well as reference to how many gallons of gas you could have used.


Lick This App – Over a million licks and counting! Lick This aims to get men and women laughing and talking about human computer interaction, sexuality and the wonders of the human body.


Hova State – Browse the web like Jay-Z!

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