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BFACD Faculty Highlight: August Heffner

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01 Kindling

Issue 2 of Kindling Quarterly, 2013. A short-lived publication casting new light on fathers and fatherhood around the world, Kindling Quarterly forged a new discussion on a timeless endeavour through thoughtful interviews, photography and products.

Over the last decade, August Heffner has worked in-house and as an agency partner for a wide variety of brands including MoMA, Google, J.Crew, Kate Spade, Toys”R”Us, Victoria’s Secret, American Express, and more. Having held titles like Design Director, Creative Director, Director of Brand Creative, Illustrator, Educator and Dad, his passion lies in the power of design and brands to do great good and great harm. 

For his class, Topics: Branding, he takes students beyond the logo and other visual identity elements to help them understand a brand as the sum of many disparate parts including language, positioning, architecture, experience, digital products and most importantly an underlying “idea” that creates an emotional connection.

Heffner is a new member of Work & Co, the Brooklyn Agency aiming to become “the Pentagram of digital design” through a focus on digital products and experiences executed by  small teams. He is excited to use his past experience designing for brands to work hands-on with many of his design heroes. You can see more of his work at



Title wall, map, website, advertising and iPad app for The Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition Abstract Expressionist New York, 2010. After the merger of museum’s exhibition graphic design and marketing graphic design departments, the MoMA Design team created all internal and external aspects of exhibitions.


Kate Spade Saturday Spring Collection, 2015. For this younger brand for Kate Spade New York a small team oversaw all aspects of marketing, store design, product design and photography.


Crewcuts insert for Vogue Magazine, 2013. J Crew’s marketing design department aimed to tell the brand’s thousands of stories through a variety of online and print media.

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