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E4 Facilities Update: Revised Hours Thurs 11/6/14

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Facilities Updates

E4 Facilities (wood, metal, tool room and E403A) will have revised hours on Thursday November 6th during the AMT Fine Arts open studios.

The facilities will be closed but we encourage you to come out and support the MFA and BFA Fine Arts students as they open up their studios.

The revised hours for Thursday Nov 6th 2014 are:

E4 Metal Shop: 9am to 5:30
E4 Wood Shop:  9am to 5:30
E4 Tool Check out:  9am to 5:30
All facilities will resume regular hours as listed on the website Friday November 5th at 9am

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) has a new website!

Open orientations for the AMT / SCE Facilities

The available weekly time slots are:

Monday 3:50pm
Wednesday 12pm
Wednesday 3:50pm

Reserve your time slot by emailing Vinny Gargiulo at

The Orientations to the new E4 Facilities include a tour of new facilities available to AMT students in 2 west 13th street including, rubber and resin casting facilities, sewing facilities, new machinery such as mills and lathes as well as plastic bending and polishing tools, vacuuformers and additional spray booths.

In 25 East 13th these will include the new E4 facilities and all related tools and machinery, the new tool check out system and a lesson on table saw usage for the attending students. It will take approximately 1.5 hours and is required for students wanting to use the facilities or to check out tools.

The 2nd Floor Photo/AMT/ERC (“cage”) has relocated.

The 2nd Floor Photo ERC (Cage) has moved to L401.  L401 is located in 2 West 13th Street on the 4th floor next door to printmaking.
Please note that only our location has moved.  Our extension (4242) and email (  and hours remain the same.
We ask that you be patient with us, as this mid-semester move that will take an adjustment period for all of us.

In the wake of “The Fountain”

On January 15, 2014, a large water main pipe (built in 1877) flooded the intersection of 5th Avenue and 13th Street and affected all of the surrounding buildings.

There were extensive damages to lower level floors of 2 West 13th Street, 66 Fifth Avenue, 72 Fifth Avenue and the new University Center. The subsequent needs for the classrooms, workshops and equipment that were affected are being addressed and handled by many members of the university, including but not limited to the Office of Design and Construction, the Parsons Dean’s Office, Academic Planning and all of the schools of Parsons. In order to support the loss of shop facilities in the basement of 2 West 13th Street, a task force with representatives from AMT, SCE, SDS and the Dean’s Office have proposed solutions for improved and broadened making facilities and access for all students on floors 2, 3 and 4 in 25 East 13th Street, and the the 3rd floor and 6th floor in 2 West 13th Street.

Solutions include:

  • AMT Fine Art studio courses originally scheduled in 25 E. 13th Street’s E402 are now scheduled in classrooms E404, E502 or E503. (502 and 503 are being converted into studio classrooms, still with smart room technology.)
  • Some seminar courses previously scheduled in E502 or E503 have new locations in other buildings.
  • The north end classrooms, E401 and 402, will be converted into a shared extensive woodshop and the current woodshop space outside of the E403 Laser Lab will become an open work area.
  • The 2nd floor of 25 East 13th Street will be a shared CNC lab and the 3rd floor will host shared construction tables.
  • Students will have access to the modeling facilities in 2 West 13th Street, 3rd floor, and the sewing equipment in L601.

Thank you for your continued understanding throughout this process. As these facility initiatives are implemented, we will continue to update all relevant blogs and websites to keep you informed. Check back here often for updates.





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