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Expanded Sanctuary, a discussion of the possibilities of sanctuary- 3/8

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Expanded Sanctuary

Thursday, March 8th @ 6PM
The New School University Center, Starr Foundation Hall (room UL 102)

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Expanded Sanctuary is part of a series of events that explore the possibilities of sanctuary – as ideal, as theory, as practice, as historical proposition, as a vision of social justice for the present.

Expanded Sanctuary will focus on the intersections between sanctuary and diverse social movements working against racism, hetero/sexism, violence and containment. What are the connections between immigration detention, deportation, dispossession, gender-based violence, homophobic/transphobic violence and the carceral state? Does sanctuary offer a vision of politics that can encompass diverse struggles and provide a basis for cross-movement coalitions? How can spaces of solidarity with undocumented people also address the broader challenges of inequality in American cities which include police violence and mass incarceration? These questions are already being probed by activists on the ground. This event is an occasion to reflect, imagine and strategize in a dialogue between scholars and activists.

Speakers include:

Ravi Ragbir (New Sanctuary Coalition)
Janaé Bonsu (Black Youth Project 100)
Angy Rivera (NYS Youth Leadership Council)
Jumaane Williams (NY City Council Member)

This event falls on international women’s day when many different actions, including a women’s strike, are planned. Expanded Sanctuary locates itself as part of these actions insofar as it provides an opportunity to examine the confluences between feminist and sanctuary politics, among others.
Organizations Contributing to the Discussion:
Black Youth Project 100, Make the Road New York, African Communities Together, North Star Fund, Enlace, New York State Youth Leadership Council, New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, UNdocublack, New Sanctuary Coalition, Audre Lorde Project.

Facilitated by the Zolberg Institute Working Group on Expanding Sanctuary

Co-sponsored by the Mellon Foundation and The New School’s interdisciplinary programs in Global StudiesUrban Studies, and Environmental Studies, and the Department of Anthropology.

The discussion will continue with Transnational Sanctuary, a follow-up event on April 12.

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