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DT Students and Alumna Present at Make: Wearables Projects on the Runway

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Eighteen designers descended on the Javits Center this past weekend for Make:Wearables Projects on the Runway at Engadget Expand, including MFA DT students Birce Ozkan, Yuchen Zhang, Betty Quinn, and MFADT alumna Elizabeth Tolson.

The high tech and fashionable pieces they showed incorporated light, kinetics, 3D printing, data logging, data visualization, and a lot of incredible skill. With the expert guidance of OCAD’s Kate Hartman and Adafruit’s Becky Stern, Expand attendees got a small glimpse of what’s on the cutting edge of both fashion and technology. The work from these eighteen designers pushes the boundaries beyond what consumers think of when they hear the phrase “wearable technology”

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Birce Ozkan’s Augmented Skirt


Elizabeth Tolson’s ballet dress for Arch Contemporary Ballet


Birce Ozkan and Betty Quinn’s Enlightenment


Yuchen Zhang’ Enlightenment

Make spoke to Elizabeth Tolson about the ballet dresses she designed, which will debut at the Fall Gala for Arch Contemporary Ballet:

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