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Digital Teacher Corps Lab Seeking Resident Technologists

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Digital Teacher Corps (DTC) Lab Resident Technologists Deadline: August 1, 2011

New Visions for Public Schools is seeking technology experts in the NYC area interested in designing and developing prototypes of digital learning experiences, interfaces, and tools that rethink education.
Innovation often emerges from the intersection of disciplines. We are creating a space for that intersection. New Visions for Public Schools, a NYC-based non-profit, has launched a Digital Teacher Corps (DTC) Lab to serve as a catalyst for collaboration between educators, technologists, and designers to build examples of what the future of digital learning can look like to improve student engagement, motivation, and success.
For instance, we imagine a middle or high school teacher partnering with a mobile applications developer to rethink the experience of independent field trips; or partnering with a game designer to rethink the experience of assigning a “book report” using digital mash-ups.
DTC Lab’s focus for 2011-2012 will be on ways to design digital experiences and tools that extend and connect learning beyond the classroom. The DTC Lab offers exposure to real world design needs, engagement with user- centered design/feedback, membership into a community of leading design organizations and fellow technologists, and the potential for creating solutions that can impact thousands of public school students.
To be eligible to become a DTC Lab Resident Technologist, you must be able to lead the design and development of “prototypes within one of the following focus areas:
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Mobile applications Data visualizations and content mash-ups Augmented reality and embodied interfaces Digital games and simulations
In addition, we are interested in hearing from folks who have existing prototypes and/or beta-stage products around teaching and learning that they want to continue to co-design with a teacher partner.
Applicants must commit to 10 full-day design sessions from September to April along with occasional independent one-on-one project work with teachers. Compensation would be commensurate with experience/expertise, as well as independent work determined on a case-by-case basis.
Applicants are reviewed on a rolling basis so apply before August 1 to receive primary consideration. To learn more and apply visit:

About New Visions
New Visions for Public Schools, founded in 1989, is dedicated to improving the quality of education children receive in New York City’s public schools. Working with the public and private sectors, New Visions develops programs, solutions, and strategies to energize teaching and learning and to raise the level of student achievement. As a Partnership Support Organization (PSO), New Visions is account able for improving student achievement in 77 New York City public schools, serving more than 38,000 students. As a charter network, New Visions is opening two charter schools, with plans for a network of 18 charter schools over the next few years. As a laboratory, New Visions is researching and developing novel solutions to user-focused needs of schools, teachers, and students. The overarching goal is to graduate all students ready and successful for college, career, and life.

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