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Data Viz Event – No visualisation is an island.

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Hadley Wickham

November 17

The Auditorium at 12th Street, 66 West 12th Street, lobby, 6:30pm

Visualisation doesn’t occur in isolation: you must get the data, process it, and often model it. In this talk, Hadley will explore these themes in the context of his work.

He will discuss nine visualisation challenges, illustrating the problems and some solutions with ggplot2

1. Subtitles & captions: labelling your plot

2. geom_label and ggrepel: labelling your data

3. Dual axes: usually wrong, sometimes useful

4. Visualising missing values

5. Why are histograms so hard?

6. Bar charts & variations

7. Stacking

8. Fighting factors with forcats

9. ggplot2 extensions from the community

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