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Daniel Udell (BFA DT ’13) Conducts “Wikitongues” Interviews in Kellen Gallery 5/17 & 5/21

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May 17th, 12-1pm and 5-6pm
Daniel Udell
Wikitongues Interviews

Wikitongues is a nascent effort to document the world’s languages as fluid vehicles of self-expression. I started this project because our world, carved into nation-states and connected by the Internet, is defined by far-reaching politics and borderless communication, a global society driven by the phenomenon of identity. Language, a tool that empowers individuals and defines communities, is that phenomenon’s foremost manifestation. 
On display in Kellen Gallery is a sample of the project: ten short videos of individuals elaborating, in their native languages, on the concept of home. As a supplement, I have included a booklet containing the native-language transcript of each video alongside its English translation. It should be noted, however, that Wikitongues is not intended as an anglocentric project – rather, I included English to make the interviews accessible to this particular audience.
I will be present at this location on Friday, May 17th and Tuesday, May 21st from 12 – 1 PM and 5 – 6 PM with my camera and tripod, collecting footage for more interviews. Regardless of which language you speak or sign, I would be honored for you to join me.
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[Parsons Faculty Pascal Glissman speaking German for Wikitongues]

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