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Critical Strategies in Art and Media Book Launch

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For centuries, art has been put on pedestals and in pillories, literally and figuratively, over its supposed capacity to carry a critical, political charge. Yet the trends of the last few decades – the birth pangs of hypercapital and environmental catastrophe – have hardly brought about any form of art potent enough to meet challenges on that scale. In September 2009, the World-Information Institute convened a group of digital theorists and practitioners to debate whether art has a future beyond a “creative industry” bent on decorating disaster – or, if not, what new kinds of approaches might be called for. This book distills that debate. Contributions by: Konrad Becker (World-Information Institute), Ted Byfield (Nettime), Amanda McDonald Crowley (Eyebeam) Steve Kurtz (Critical Art Ensemble), Jim Fleming (Autonomedia), Claire Pentecost (Continental Drift), Peter Lamborn Wilson (Temporary Autonomous Zone). Interventions by Bifo, Marco Deseriis, Rene Gabri, Brian Holmes, McKenzie Wark, and Felix Stalder.

The launch will include brief remarks by Marco Deseriis (NYU), Steve Kurtz (Critical Art Ensemble), Andy Bichlbaum (The Yes Men), Ken Wark (NSU), and Trebor Scholz (NSU).

Thursday, April 15, 2010
6:30pm – 8:15pm
Wollman Hall, New School University
65 West 11th St, 5th fl
New York, NY

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