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Crisis Text Line Data Visualization Prototype Contest due Today!

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Why: Every day, thousands of teens experience bullying, self-harm, and even thoughts of suicide. Crisis Text Line (CTL), the country’s largest text-messaging service for teens in crisis, is there to help. Now, we want to share our data to with the public to create smarter research, policy, and community actions that could help prevent these crises from happening.

What: We need your help in turning the data into publicly available visualizations that are (1) useful and (2) engaging. Compete for $2000 in prizes, including $1000 for the top submission. The winning ideas will be incorporated into public, interactive data visualizations CTL opens up at the end of May.

Who: Designers, analysts, information architects, coders or eager-to-learn do-gooders.

We’re looking for great ideas, and every submission counts. We welcome all submissions, even in rough form.
Early Deadline (with unique prizes): April 27, 2014 at 11:59pm EST
Final Deadline: May 2, 2014 at 5pm EST

How: Learn more and register at

Do teens in Mississippi suffer more from bullying or depression? Make it easier for citizens, researchers and policy makers to understand the crises teens face – participate in Crisis Text Line’s Data Viz Prototype Contest! $1K top prize.

Do teens in Kansas suffer more from bullying or depression? Show us. Enter CTL’s Data Viz Contest! $2K in prizes.

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