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Conveyor Magazine releases Issue No. 2 {Mapping}

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Conveyor Magazine

Conveyor Magazine is a semi-annual publication dedicated to eliminating the hierarchy between emerging and established artists.

Executive Editor: Christina Labey (MFA’12)
Editors: Neima Jahromi, Dominica Paige (MFA’12), Chelsey Morell (MFA’12)
Contributing Editors: Alison Chen (MFA’12), Sylvia Hardy (MFA’12), Maria Sprowls (MFA’12)
Editors-at-Large (East Coast): Elizabeth Bick
Editor-at-Large (West Coast): Jenny Odell

Issue No. 2  {Mapping}

You are Here  David Coggins
Near the Point of Beginning  Peter Happel Christian
One If By Wanderlust (Group Show)  Dominica Paige
Limits of the Visible World: A Dialogue with Trevor Paglen  Christina Labey
Visual Complexities: Mapping Patterns of Information  Mark Stafford
Arctic Wonderland  Sarah Anne Johnson
The Mason-Dixon Survey  Colin Stearns
All the People on Google Earth  Jenny Odell
Old Man and the Sea  Joy Drury Cox
Adam Ryder’s Areth: Architectural Atlas  Sylvia Hardy and Chelsey Morell
Muybridge’s Enthalpy  Kenneth White
The Photographer’s Studio  Caleb Charland

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