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CONTEST: Design w/Recycled Auto Parts

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Last week, UncommonGoods, an online retailer based in Brooklyn, introduced the second edition of their monthly “YouGoods” product design contest. This contest focuses on designing products out of reclaimed car parts.

Cars: they take us wherever we want to go, offer us our first taste of freedom and deliver some of our favorite memories. For this YouGoods challenge, UncommonGoods wants you to design a product made from recycled automobile materials or parts – from hubcaps and knobs to glass or metal.

Send your designs (in sketches, pictures or videos) and submission form to by April 22. The winner of this contest will recieve $1,500, the opportunity for the item to be produced, and for UncommonGoods to sell the item.

A panel at UncommonGoods will choose three finalists that will be voted on by Facebook fans. The big winner will be named on April 30th! Start your engines!

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