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Conflux Festival, October 8-10

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Conflux, the art and technology festival for the creative exploration of urban public space, presents 75+ interactive art and technology events over the weekend of October 08–10, 2010 in the East Village. Participants will transform the neighborhood into a street-based laboratory with art installations, interactive performances, games, guided expeditions and more.

Highlights: “Interpretive Trails” re-invents Con Edison marks on sidewalks as trail markers in a network of hiking/walking trails. “Tektonomology” is a two-day expedition to catalogue all named buildings in the East Village. “Energy Agency” is a workshop exploring ways collective action can positively impact NYC energy consumption. Italian artist Giulio Ammendola brings his turntable to lead “Wheel,” a walk guided by a music-meets-maps mashup.

Indoor events, headquartered at NYU’s Barney Building (34 Stuyvesant St.), include a keynote address by renowned urban explorer Steve Duncan, evening performances and the Conflux Café series of artist-led talks and workshops.

For a complete schedule and guide to the festival visit

Outdoor events are free; a daily pass for indoor events is $5 ($3 students).

As a leading venue for cutting-edge work by public-space artists, technologists, scholars and practitioners of contemporary psychogeography (the study of the geographic environment’s effects on our emotions and behavior), Conflux provides an open framework for the examination, celebration and (re)construction of everyday city life.

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