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Colleen Fitzgerald (MFA Photography 2012) Art Worchester Solo Exhibition

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MFA Photography 2012 Alumni, Colleen Fitzgerald, has been selected as the sole annual  ”Present Tense Prize Winner’ for ‘new practices, artistic risk-taking, and excellence in execution’ from Arts Worcester. Tomorrow, February 2nd, the opening reception for Colleen’s solo exhibition at Arts Worchester will take place from 6pm – 8pm and will run until March 2nd.

Opening Feb. 2 from 6-8PM.

Aurora Gallery Worcester, MA


“Colleen Fitzgerald is this year’s winner of our Present Tense Prize, which recognizes regional artists whose work incorporates new technologies and artistic risk-taking with excellence in execution. In her works, she manipulates film both pre- and post-exposure into three-dimensional shapes, blurring the distinction between sculpture and photography.

The series Stamina consists of images created by using the materials and tools of photography in non-traditional ways. Unexposed film is cut and molded into three-dimensional shapes and exposed inside a camera specially outfitted with a custom film holder. This holder accepts the film as an object instead of as a standard, flat, two-dimensional sheet. The film-object can also be further shaped and manipulated after exposure, before being re-photographed and printed. Due to the optics involved, the results can appear stretched and distorted. The subjects pictured in this way seem as unusual as they are familiar, testing the boundaries and endurance of film and camera.”

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