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Collabs/Currents Open Call Spring 2017

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Calling all Currents and Collabs

Collabs are collaborations with companies, institutions, and/or other divisions.
Currents are experimental electives that say something about the current state of design.

Please submit now for consideration in Spring 2017!
If you have taught one before, you may submit it again.

Proposals Due by: 10/14
Decisions Made: 10/24

Please circulate!

Last Spring, for example, we worked alongside faculty at Tongji University in Shanghai to build experimental art and design installations, explored the symbiosis of lettering/typography and identity across cultures, collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art on an installation by new-media artist Reid Farrington, and delved into what it means to make things in the gap between the digital and the real.

Submission form can by found at this URL:

Submission Form

The deadline is 10/14



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