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Call for submissions

April 4-16
25 East Gallery

CHAOS!?…(working title) is an exhibition that will explore chaos in all its multitudes. We invite makers of any and all creative disciplines (visual art, sound, fashion, architecture, interdisciplinary design) to present works that engage with chaos as a subject, process, or theoretic framework. Suggested terms to consider as entry points into chaos include:
disorder, randomness, nonsense / failure, dysfunction, disappointment / emptiness, nothingness, the void / unknowing, confusion, forgetting / anarchy, rebellion, revolution / abstraction, distortion, glitch / luck, chance, coincidence / irony, parody, satire / subversion, inversion, transgression / non-normativity, queerness, deviance / utopia, dystopia, futurity / degeneration, entropy, erasure / conflict, mayhem, disaster / reinvention, reconfiguration, regeneration / exploration, migration, displacement / transcendence, catharsis, extacy / dreams, fantasy, magic / supernatural, paranormal, otherworldy / infinity, eternity, beyond…
Submission deadline: March 15, 2020, 11:59pm
  • Submission requirements – TO BE COMPLETED IN SUBMISSION FORM BELOW:
  • Documentation of work (3-5 images, image list, materials, dimensions)
  • Brief bio (100 words)
  • Artist statement (250 words)
    • how do you engage with a feature of chaos / chaotic thinking?
  • Project proposal (250 words)
    • how do you propose activating / engaging with the concept and format of the show? Ie: non-conventional installation, performance / interactivity, spatial / relational experimentation, etc
Submission Form

For further questions regarding submission/exhibition details, please email the curators.

Thank you and happy making!

Libby Paloma and Kaeten Bonli, curators

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