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Caroline Woolard, Part Time Faculty in Fine Arts, in Upcoming MoMA Talk

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January 2013

Capital Exchange: A Dinner Event
Wednesday, January 23, 7:00–10:00 p.m.
Cafe 2, second floor

In collaboration with Chef Lynn Bound and Cafe 2, please join us for a special dinner event to celebrate the launch of Artists Experiment, an ongoing collaboration between MoMA’s Department of Education and four contemporary artists—Raúl Cárdenas Osuna, Caroline Woolard, Xaviera Simmons, and Kenneth Goldsmith—to develop programs that offer new opportunities for public engagement at MoMA.

The evening, featuring a special menu designed by Cárdenas and Bound, highlights presentations and interactions with all of the artists. The theme for this event, Capital Exchange, reflects a thread that is present in each of the participating artists’ ongoing experiments: an exploration of different notions of “capital,” ranging from the social and political to the cultural and historical. This event explores these ideas through a multisensory experience including sound, food, readings, and more.

Raúl Cárdenas Osuna, in collaboration with Torolab’s Chef Diego Becerra and Cafe 2’s Chef Lynn Bound, created a menu inspired by classic 20th-century New York cuisine, with a modern-day ethnic twist.

Caroline Woolard opens the evening with a reflection on artist Eva Zeisel, the first female artist to have a solo exhibition at MoMA and the first woman to be commissioned by MoMA to create a limited edition of functional work for sale. Using the placebo as a symbol of value, guests share in a collective experience with a special performance by singer Heather Christhian and artist Caroline Woolard.

Drawing from the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, poet Kenneth Goldsmith shares Brion Gysin’s special brownie recipe and Toklas’s response to Gysin’s scandalous contribution.

Drawing from her research in the MoMA Library and Archives, Xaviera Simmons shares a selection of her initial findings by presenting each guest with a special set of placemats, inspired by artworks that confront major political movements of the 20th and 21st centuries, from MoMA’s inception to the present. Each corresponds to a course throughout the evening, and provides the evening’s protest-inspired soundtrack. The evening ends with a special performance by Simmons and guest performers, including singer Teresa Mora.

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