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Call For Work: SONY Scholarships for BFA Photography Program Sophmores / Juniors

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SONY is thrilled be accepting work for consideration of tuition scholarships for current sophomores and juniors in the BFA Photography Program. There will be three (3) $1,000.00 scholarships awarded for still images and one (1) $2,000.00 scholarship for video. The recipients shall be recognized as “The Sony Photography Scholar(s)” in May 2014.

The photographs submitted for the still image scholarship must employ at least one of these three themes: Fashion/Culture, Social Engagement, Art and Idea. Students are only allowed to submit one body of work per theme but can apply to multiple categories.

Submission criteria for stills:
Students must create their photographs with only SONY digital equipment. All digital files are required to be sRGB, jpg, 8bit,  and 800px at the widest size. There is a maximum of 5 images per category.
Submission criteria for video:
The award for video has no specific theme however, it is suggested you work within one of these three frameworks: Fashion/Culture, Social Engagement, Art and Idea. Students must create their photographs with only SONY digital equipment.
All videos are required to follow these guidelines:
Video file format: MP4 or MOV
Video compression: H.264
Video length: Maximum 4 minutes
The deadline for submission is Friday May 2 at 5pm.
All work must be turned in on a flash drive, which will be returned after the awards are announced Friday May 23rd. All work will be checked for Sony meta-data to prove technical eligibility.
Please direct all questions to Colin Stearns,

Be sure to have SONY SCHOLARSHIP as the subject heading faster replying.

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