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Business Insider ranks Parsons among the world’s best design schools!

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Parsons is ranked #5 out of a listing of the world’s best design schools by Business Insider, beating out our NYC neighbors, among other prestigious design schools around the globe!

“The best graduate level talent for product concept, visualization, design, and management is coming from Parsons in New York and Stanford’s D School,” said one of the 633 respondents surveyed. “We feel that Parsons offers the best concepts taught. Although schools like NYU, Melon, and MIT have good programmers, sometimes it doesn’t translate in design.”


87.8% of those surveyed said they studied or participated in a college-level design program. Most of the respondents were either art directors (26.9%) or product designers (30.3%). The vast majority of respondents (76.6%) said skills and knowledge were the most valuable asset their respective design programs offered. The ranking was done via a simple metric: What percentage of respondents ranked the schools somewhat valuable, valuable, or extremely valuable?

As this online news outlet is focused strongly on the technology sector and Silicon Alley in New York, the response above says volumes about our Design + Technology and Transdisciplinary Design programs, in particular.

David Carroll, Director of the MFA Design and Technology graduate program, had this to say about the rankings:

“It was significant that Parsons outranked the RCA, NYU Tisch and SVA in alumni satisfaction, which host programs that we consider among our peer competition for the best students. Additionally, the survey was a vindication for embattled RISD President John Maeda who essentially earned the #1 and #2 rankings, since his tenure at MIT Media Lab clearly resonates today. Maeda epitomizes the archetype of the creative technologist, the new hybrid identity that exists between traditional disciplines more than within them. We see this identity flourishing at RISD, MIT, CMU and Parsons Design and Technology as a business publication asserts the ascendancy of the artist-designer-scientist-engineer in the industry and field at-large with their analysis and positioning of this survey.”

Check out respondents’opinions on all the ranked schools here.

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