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Book Launch and panel discussion with AMT faculty Juliette Cezzar

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book launchBook Launch and panel discussion: Designing the Editorial Experience with AMT faculty Juliette Cezzar.
Last Tuesday, on September 23, we had snacks, drinks, and a panel discussion with some of the talented designers, developers, and strategists featured in the book Designing the Editorial Experience: A Primer for Print, Web, and Mobile. Co-authors Sue Apfelbaum and Juliette Cezzar led a lively discussion with Jeanette Abbink (Dwell), David Jacobs (29th Street Publishing), Justin Thomas Kay (Doubleday & Cartwright), Renda Morton (RookieThe New York Times), David Sleight (ProPublica), and Chris Johanesen (BuzzFeed).
The panelists discussed everything from identity to templates to social media, as well as the difference between working as a consultant and working in-house for a major publication. They discussed the making of the book as well. At the Q&A, co-author Sue Apfelbaum said, “It was interesting, when we were making the book, so many people thought Juliette was designing my book or I was editing hers. But that’s partly what we wanted to talk about: how wrongheaded these perceptions are. A designer and an editor should be working together to make something great.
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