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The deadline for submission is February 19, 2012 (11:59pm EST).

The 2012 CSAW Voice Biometrics & Speech Synthesis Competition (CVBS2012) invites students to explore emerging technologies in Voice Biometrics & Speech Synthesis. How secure is this emerging field? Can one synthetically generate arbitrary sentences passable as a particular person given a sufficient sample of their voice?

About The Contest:
Human voice is ubiquitous; it is perhaps the most unobtrusive of biometric modalities. Voice however is also readily accessible; it is not too difficult for an attacker to obtain voice samples of the person being targeted. This challenge calls on contestants to assume the role of this attacker; given a comprehensive sample of a person’s voice, the task is to extract phones from this sample and utilize them to synthesize a completely new sentence (not included in the provided sample). This synthesized statement is compared with an authentic recording; the comparison for similarity is twofold, the synthesized and authentic statements are first compared utilizing a state of the art voice biometrics algorithm and then ranked for innovation by a panel of judges.

Cash prizes for winners
1st place: $1,000
2nd place: $750
3rd place: $500

All prize recipients will be awarded airfare and hotel accommodation to attend the 2012 CSAW competition in New York City.

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