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BFACD Faculty Highlight: Sally Thurer

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I made this poster while I was a student at Yale. It was for a Frank Gehry lecture at the architecture school.

Sally Thurer is an art director, graphic designer, illustrator and animator teaching Core Lab Typography at Parsons. She received her MFA from The Yale School of Art and is the former co-founder and creative director of Missbehave Magazine. Since the turn of the millennium, Sally has been doing design and illustration for various clients including The Fader, Bullett, Bloomberg, and The New York Times. Her work spans diverse mediums: from videos and websites to dance parties and fabric design. She is currently the Head of Experiential Methodology and Critical Theory in Richard Turley’s department at MTV.


An illustration for a German magazine called Komma.


I used to design fashion stories for Bullett magazine’s ipad app. This one is about the hypebeast trend.


I was creative director of this magazine from 2007-2009.

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