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BFACD Faculty Highlight: Robby Kraft

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CD faculty, Robby Kraft is an artist and engineer based in New York who works with sculptural and digital media. He builds creative software and iOS applications in his studio, teaches Creative Computing at Parsons School of Design and is a teacher at the School for Poetic Computation. Kraft is particularly fascinated by the unique interaction between math and design, resulting in his love for origami.

Designed and folded by Robby Kraft

Kraft has been folding origami since he was around 6 years old. he mentions that he loves the challenge of trying to imagine the hidden layers as the piece collapses. More recently Kraft has become fascinated by the math and algorithms that constrain these designs. In the last couple years he has been learning how to design new origami using classical methods, and has also been writing software to facilitate a collaboration between himself and his computer. The computer pieces are the most fascinating to him because they push the boundary of what has already been done.

Designed by Jun Mitani, folded by Robby Kraft

Designed by Tom Hull, folded by Robby Kraft

Designed and folded by Robby Kraft

Designed by Eric Joisel, folded by Robby Kraft

His origami consists of a mixture of designs – some are his original designs whereas the others are created by different artists like Tom Hull, Eric Joisel, Robert Lang and Jun Mitani, to name a few. Follow his Instagram to view more such intricate works.

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