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BFACD Faculty Highlight: Jacob Heftmann

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XXIX is a design and technology studio working with founders and independent companies to build the brands, products, and experiences they’ve always wanted to make.

Jacob Heftmann is a surfer, traveler and photographer interested in various aspects of design. He is a principal at the design studio XXIX, co-founder of project space XXXI, and teaches Creative Computing at Parsons.


Personal website


@telier is a residency program for designers. It’s an exploration of collaboration, context, and current modes of working. (Self-initiated project.)


Assorted recent commissioned work


Our space in the East Village is our studio, a shared workspace, and an event/exhibition space for designers to explore non-commissioned or non-commercial projects.


A concise, pocket guide to current art in New York City. (Self-initiated project.)


Small Victories allows you to create a website out of a Dropbox folder: pick a theme, customize if you want to, collaborate, and share. (Self-initiated project.)

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