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BFACD Faculty Highlight: Andrew Shurtz

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untitled We Have Photoshop poster, 2010. A collection of our various screenshots and other collected digital detritus compiled for a feature in Graphic magazine.

Andrew Shurtz works as a freelance designer and as a part of We Have Photoshop, a design collective founded with three of his classmates from the Yale University graphic design MFA progam. We Have Photoshop has been dedicated to both freelance work and experimental projects since its inception. One of their major ongoing projects has been the journal Convolution, a conceptual journal dedicated to exploring the intersections of experimental criticism, poetry, art and typography. We Have Photoshop not only designs the journal; they also collaborate closely with founder Paul Stephens to shape each issue.


Convolution N° 1, 2011. The first two issues of Convolution are arranged like a cut deck of cards. The cover and first page appear in the middle of the book block; the outside cover is actually the middle.

Convolution and We Have Photoshop recently participated in the exhibition Sought Poems at Company Gallery in New York. The exhibition considers the legacy of minimal and found poetry in new work by Natalie Czech, Aram Saroyan, and Jason Simon. Additionally, Convolution and We Have Photoshop have curated a selection of books and ephemera related to minimal poetry, with an emphasis on Saroyan and the poet Robert Grenier.


Convolution N° 2, 2013. Convolution Nº2 includes a second book by the poet Tan Lin along with a mini-poster by the artist Michael Baers.

Andrew currently teaches Core Studio: Typography, Advanced Typography, Book Design, and Contemporary Graphic Design (an online class).


Convolution N° 3, 2015. We Have Photoshop entirely redesigned and enlarged the journal for issue Nº3.

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