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BFA Illustration Alum Leah Hayes Publishes Book

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Leah Hayes, former Illustration student and faculty member, published Not Funny Ha-Ha, a bold and slightly wry graphic novel about two young women going through abortions. It’s a little bit technical, a little bit moving, and often funny, in a format uniquely suited to communicate.

The book is available for pre-order here.

Early press for Not Funny Ha-Ha:

“A woman’s written a comic book about abortion and everyone should read it”- Metro UK

“Hayes’ illustrations are straightforward and witty. She defines technical terms and medical processes while still managing to capture the deeply personal, human side of the reproductive decisions a woman makes.” – Huffington Post

“Conveys a feeling of comfort and openness, while also conveying the weight of the topic.” – Buzzfeed

“A serious work that aims to ease anxiety and bring clarity.” – Bitch Media

” Judgement-free, but still witty and brutally honest enough to demystify the topic.” – Ravishly

“An amazingly thoughtful, empathetic guide to abortion.”- Listen to the Publisher’s Weekly More to Come podcast interview with Leah

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