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BFA CD Alumni Spotlight: Talia Cotton

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24″x18″ double-sided poster & brochure for the Fall 2015 ADC Paper Expo.


Biography: Talia Cotton is a graphic designer and creative coder from New York City.  Talia recently graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Communication Design. While an undergraduate, Talia helped teach coding to a class of Master’s students, and guest-instructed undergraduate typography at City University of New York.

Process: The design was made from printing on the edge of 1000 sheets of paper, spreading them in a variety of ways, and scanning them at 3000%. The alteration of the pages creates new letterforms.

Advice: “Keep pushing yourself! Your portfolio is your client. Treat every single assignment—both large and small—like a potential portfolio piece. Take advantage of the amazing resources that Parsons has to offer and take classes that you are excited about.”

Instagram:  @taliasaccount 
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