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BFA CD Alumni Spotlight: Maria Luisa Peralta-Esquivel

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Luli Peralta-Esquivel is a designer based in New York City. She is interested in those systems which define the relationships between people and things. In her work, she questions these relationships in the present, and re-designs them in futures.
Process/Project Description
In a nutshell, The Loveseat is an imagined, micro-utopic commercial universe in which two people are required to purchase one thing which they share. I documented this in the form of a book that illustrates the system in multiple scenarios. The research book that complements it contains writings from economists who challenge existing commercial models and advocate for their change. The purpose of these books is to instigate old and new debates, as well as offer exciting economic futures worth imagining.

My thesis advisor, Juliette Cezzar, once told me that creativity is often fetishized. It made me laugh, because it’s SO true! My advice is: do not fetishize the creative process. It won’t be pretty throughout, and illuminating “aha!” moments are few and far between, so don’t count on them to keep you going. Exercise discipline in the small tasks—collectively, they will become a final result to be proud of.

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