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BFA CD Alumni Spotlight: Lindsay Petricca

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Lindsay Petricca is a graphic designer and journalist based in New York City. She holds a BA in Journalism and Design and a BFA in Communication Design from The New School. She is interested in printmaking, branding, photography, and poetry. She allows these various mediums to influence her designs and processes and highly respects analog design processes. On the side, Lindsay enjoys letterpress printing and screen printing as well as trying out new mediums such as linocut printing and furthering her letterpress practice.
Through examining Riot Grrrl bands, lyrics, statistics, interviews, and newly formed Riot Grrrl revival bands it is clear that there is still misogyny and lack of representation in the music industry, but that the ethics of the original Riot Grrrl movement is still alive and thriving. FBOMB celebrates and holds accountable the trials and tribulations, missteps, failures, and successes of the industry and the music being created. The publication confirms that Riot Grrrl can fit into the current music industry and that the industry and the world needs feminism and Riot Grrrl.
Project Description
FBOMB is a zine style publication comparing and contrasting the Riot Grrrl Movement with today’s Rap and Hip-Hop music. F*BOMB attempts to revitalize the Riot Grrrl and “DIY” Punk Movement for today. It comments on different facets of women in the music industry such as lack of representation, discrimination, news, interviews, and creative expression. FBOMB comments on why we need representation of women in the music industry and how Riot Grrrl can integrate into and influence the current landscape of feminism through the lens of music and pop culture. 
There will be many ideas and it is important to try and explore all of them. Allow other interests to influence your work and don’t get hung up on what is “correct” or “good” design. Let go of these thoughts and create. Welcome failure and create “bad” projects; these allow you to push yourself as a designer. Also, take a Letterpress class–this class changed the way I understand typography and design and allowed me to see design without the barrier of a screen. I took it too late in my career at Parsons and I believe it was the single most influential class during my time as a Communication Design major.


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