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BFA Alum Zoe Argires Presents in Online Exhibition “In Case It Gets Away From Us”

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Greetings from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

You are invited to view an online exhibition that connects artists from around the world during unprecedented times, all of whom are working with supernatural subjects.

Fantastical, Ethereal, Sci-fi, Magick.

In a moment where most of us feel lost and uncertain, the familiarity of pencil and paper bring comfort and a means for escape into the imagination. For some, the pencil is one of the first tools they have ever held in their hand – and remains there to this day. It generates resilience and internal power.

The more time you spend with pencil and paper, the deeper they will take you, always revealing new tricks and techniques to be discovered. It is forgiving, it is precise, it is often free. Pencil is arguably the tool which offers the utmost immediacy and accessibility to all types of creatives, making it culturally vital during the pandemic.

All of the works in this virtual exhibition were created under quarantine in the homes of the artists and poets. Please take your time as you look through In Case It Gets Away From Us, which will be available to view via this URL: until further notice.

Featured Artists Include:

Ry Fyan

Erika Shiba

Brittany Adeline

Harehide Sasaki

Alfie Harris

Adam Tullie

Dean Violante

Connor McCabe

Mack Hyde

Felix Treadwell

Zoë Argires

With Written Contributions by:

Rupert McCranor

Siobhan Wood

Reilly Davidson

Liv Mendez

“Drawing is the artist’s most direct and spontaneous expression, a species of writing: it reveals, better than does painting, his true personality.” 

Edgar Degas

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