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Avery Youngblood (AAS Graphic Design) and Talia Cotton (CD) Featured in GDUSA

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Avery Youngblood is a recent Stanford University graduate and current graphic design candidate at Parsons in the class of 2018. From Dallas, one of six children, she loves being with her family and her four dogs at home. As a Stanford undergraduate, she studied Linguistics along with Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. Then, she found it possible to translate her creative curiosity for design by focusing on language, the social interaction that takes place in our multicultural society, and the variety of platforms we use to connect with one another. Avery is prepared to take an active role in building relationships and reaching out to the diversifying voices of our social world through design… READ MORE!



Talia is pursuing her BFA in Communication Design. At Parsons, she works as Design Assistant to AIGA Medalist Lucille Tenazas, and has been a Research Assistant to MPS Director Brendan Griffiths. While an undergraduate, she served as TA in graduate-level classes for design and coding, and guest-instructed undergraduate typography at City University of New York. Talia has done design work for Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, as well as way­finding and editorial design for designwajskol. Most recently, she designed the Designed Realities’ Lab Biennale for Dunne & Raby. Currently, Talia is both a Research Assistant for BFA Design Technology Director Justin Bakse — on a 3D-texture javascript drawing library — and a Junior Designer at The Inlay in NYC. As a designer who loves to code, she is exploring new ways to approach design and branding through computational and procedural methods… READ MORE!


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