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Artist seeks help with 3D scanning in an upcoming installation for an exhibition at PS1

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CREATIVE EXTREMITIES (3D scanning project)

Artist: Josh Kline
Location: MoMA PS1 Project Space
Exhibition Information: Group Exhibition (title forthcoming) curated by Chris Lew, Assistant Curator, MoMA PS1
Opens Mid-Late October 2012

My installation for MoMA PS1 is about the feel of the contemporary, the creative workers who conceive and produce it–artists, graphic designers, creative directors, fashion designers, photographers, advertising executives, product designers, music producers, etc.– and the construction of identity and lifestyle through products, advertising, and branding.

The installation will harness elements of design–lighting, sound, architecture, and clothing–that evoke contemporary environments, lifestyles, and shopping experiences in order to create a space that immerses the viewer in the feel of the present, creating a space of pure 2012/2013.

Within this space, an array of biometric sculptural portraits of creative workers (working title: creative extremities) will be presented within a distilled contemporary consumer display context (i.e. the sculptures will be presented on commercial store shelving lit with LED lights). The sculptures will involve creating 3D models from laser-scans or through multi-camera scanning techniques, which will then be used as the basis for a series of 3D-printed sculptures of hands, feet, and heads that will integrate the bodies of creative workers with the products they use to define their lives. I want to digitize the people who are digitizing our lives and culture.

– I am seeking help with realizing the 3-D scans for this project.
– The person or person(s) that I am looking for either has experience scanning people, using multi-camera techniques and software similar to 3Dsom ( or laser-scan based systems (if this is possible) OR has the problem-solving ability and interest to dive into this project and help realize these sculptures, gaining experience with 3D scanning in the process.

– Creation of highly detailed, photographic models from 3D scans of 10-12 living subjects that can be used to create 3D printed sculptures.

– I am hoping to realize the digital models within the next 4-6 weeks.
– This will allow for another 6 weeks to design sculptures from the models and 3D print them.

– My budget for the project is fairly small (and mostly will go towards 3D printing costs)
– In exchange for time, I can offer a small fee and an artwork in trade
– You would also receive a production credit on materials for the installation produced by MoMA PS1
– If the sculptures are sold in the future through my gallery, I will be able to compensate further

If interested, please contact:
Josh Kline

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