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Art + Business: Navigating the New Landscape Panel 4/8 6pm

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Panel Discussion: Art + Business
Navigating the New Landscape
Tuesday, April 8th. 6:00 pm.

Michelle Bogre, Associate Professor of Photography at Parsons, lawyer, documentary photographer and author, moderates a panel discussion presented by the Parsons Institute for Intellectual Property.


Mona Kuhn, contemporary artist
Fabrice Nadjari, entrepreneur and photographer
Andrea Blanch, editor-in-chief of Musee Magazine
Michael Foley, gallery owner
Anna Walker Skillman, gallery director and curator

Sustaining a robust photograph practice today requires not just the obvious level of creativity, but a good hint of marketing, branding and social media management, a constant attention to new storytelling tools as well as a working knowledge of the gallery culture, dealer-artist relationships, copyright and contract law. What is the new landscape of photography? How do you sustain a vibrant practice? How can platforms such as Instagram or Facebook enhance a creative practice and its visibility? And in this ever-changing landscape, how have the relationships of the traditional players of the art world evolved?

To tackle these topics the Parsons Institute for Intellectual property (PiiP), brings together a panel of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in art and photography, the gallery world, modern law, social media and marketing who will discuss the things you need to know about how to navigate the various intersections of art, business and law. 

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Walk-ins welcome, registration encouraged. 

This event is free and open to the public. 

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The Parsons Institute for Intellectual Property (PiiP) was created to be a space to engage art and design practioners and theorists, and industry and business professionals in conversations about the intersections between copyright, ownership, expression, culture and media in the 21stCentury through a series of public
programs, lectures, presentations, panels and seminars. It is also a place where art, design, media and local law
students can gather to meet and share ideas and insights about contemporary IP issues. PiiP is the only Institute
of its kind housed in a University that educates artists, designers, media theorists, filmmakers, musicians,
dramatists, actors, dancers and writers.
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