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Aronson Gallery proposals 2013/14!! One more week to go!! Dec 7th Deadline

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Hand in your excellent proposals!
Make use of the beautiful Aronson Gallery!
Represent AMT to the university and the world!
Be innovative, clever and visually teasing!
Show what AMT has to offer!
Make the best use this public exposure!

FAQs (until now)
Students need to have their proposals signed by a faculty advisor who will be the faculty guardian for the project. This faculty should be familiar with your work and able to support you in the project if needed.
My signature is not required on the forms when you hand them in. I will sign them if they adavance past the AMT level to the SJDC committee.

Make sure you submission is complete!

o WORK SAMPLES: Please submit samples with brief descriptions that best represent the proposed project and please ensure that all artists/designers are represented. Please submit 2-3 images (jpegs or pdfs) per artist or in the case of time-based work, an on-line vimeo or youtube link to work of no more than 3 minutes in length. For traveling shows, include installation shots. In the case of proposals for exhibiting new works please include diagrams, sketches or brief verbal descriptions of proposed works.
o APPLICANT BIO: Please provide a one-paragraph bio for each applicant.
Include the following, as applicable:
o COLLABORATORS: If this project involves external collaborators such as guest artists, designers, speakers, lenders or partner institutions, are you in contact with them? If so, please provide written evidence of their consent to participate.
o CHECKLIST: If your project is an exhibition, please provide a checklist of works to be included in the show, with dimensions and specific display needs if possible.
o SPEAKER LIST: If your project involves a discussion/colloquium, please provide a list of speakers with a one-sentence description of the topic each will address.

Please send your submission preferably all in PDF-form to by 3:00pm, Friday, December 7.

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