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AMT’s Sabine Seymour on Connected World

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Scholars Changing our World Through the IoT

 For the past several years Connected World magazine has coined these very unique individuals as Pioneers. They are the disruptors forging new pathways in this ever-emerging digital age.
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Sabine Seymour – Style and Substance

Two industries that often see trends change drastically during the course of a short period of time are fashion and technology. The tides in each industry change so frequently and so unexpectedly that it can be hard to navigate. And yet, Sabine Seymour is a trailblazer in both of these sectors.

For nearly two decades, Seymour has been instrumental in making technology useful, but also personable. She really launched her career back in 2000 when she conceived the first biometric base layer for snowboarding. This led to extensive experience in building scalable technology innovations for automobiles, technology, and, ultimately, fashion.

Seymour became the first professor at Parsons School of Design to introduce a curriculum that blended the two industries—fashion and technology—together into what’s now called Fashionable Technology. She is also the founder and CEO of SUPA, a digital platform for clothing formerly known as SoftSpot.

Her goal has been to establish SUPA as the go-to AI (artificial intelligence) platform for biometric sensing, thereby merging digital health, sports, and fashion. With an app set for release to the public in 2017, Seymour says SUPA will set a new precedent for the IoT (Internet of Things) and smart apparel that can be used by popular sports and fashion brands.

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