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Report From Beijing: AMT Working Hard on Installation at the National Art Museum of China

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MFA DT Alum, Joe Saavedra is currently installing his thesis project, Citizen Sensor, at the National Art Museum of China with the help from some of his fellow AMT-ers. The Weather Tunnel exhibition is envisioned as a translocal, participatory, interventionist component of the international media art exhibition titled “TransLife”. “Weather Tunnel” will utilize a long corridor at the National Art Museum of China. The corridor will be architecturally transformed into an amorphous, translucent tunnel / cocoon / bubble to contain multiple artworks in an organic, interactive flow. Inside, the walls will breathe and scents will be released, in addition to other sensations interpreting environmental data such as CO2, CO, NO2, LUX, temp C, rH, PM, tVOC, dB noise.

The result will be a medley of manifestations of realtime global environmental conditions. Instead of a didactic, proselytizing representation, the project acts as a presentation of immediate and intuitive revealing of complex and otherwise incomprehensible scientific data, making a wide audience aware of the living conditions humanity faces. It will collapse multiple worlds and time zones into a single plane and flat time. The tunnel will act as the pathway leading to the main exhibition.

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