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A limited number of Research Assistant (RA) positions open to graduate students this semester who will be working on various projects via ‘Mudbucket’. Mudbucket is the School of Art, Media, and Technology’s (AMT) in-house design agency for all sponsored (paid) work– ranging from graphic design, to web projects, to mobile, to photo and video. We take on high-profile projects inside and outside of AMT.

Research Assistants are paid on an hourly basis and are assigned to work on specific research initiatives or on various AMT related endeavors. The pay rate is $20/hour (standard University rate for Research Assistants), and RAs are expected to work between 10 and 20 hours a week on campus. Students can only work a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Mudbucket RAs will often be working individually or with other RAs on a given project, under the supervision of a faculty member. Students are selected on the basis of level of skill/expertise, research interests, and good academic standing. Research Assistantships vary from semester to year long positions. Students desiring to continue as a research assistants in their second year may apply for reappointment.

Important skills/qualifications we are looking for:
• Reliable, responsible, ability to work well with others and to work independently
• Flexible days/hours but need to commit at least 5-10hrs during the week to work on campus
• We need intermediate/advance skills in any of the following: multimedia design & programming, database design/programming, 3D Design, Web design/development, graphic design (professional experience)
• Knowledge/skills in: WordPress, Drupal, Php/MySQL, Flash and AS3, CSS/Ajax, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe CS, iPhone Development, Photography, Video, Sound, and just plain basic design

If you are interested, please send your application (list of requirements below) by sending it to: no later than Monday, February 14, 2011.

Please include the following to be considered:
1. Statement of purpose/research interest
2. Describe your work experience and professional goals briefly (300 words max)
3. CV/resume
4. Link to your portfolio
5. Contact info (cellphone and email)

Other RA positions may open up relating to specific grant funded research projects and announcements will be sent as soon as we firm up the details on those projects.

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