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AMT Fine Arts students intern at arts-focused alternative public high school in Brooklyn

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Four MFA students and two BFA Fine Arts students participated in a very successful internship this year that gives our students the chance to assist a Parsons alum in arts classes at Brooklyn New School (PS 146).

PS 146 is an arts-focused alternative public elementary school in Brooklyn ( The school bases its approach to learning on play and sustained inquiry, and integrates the arts and sustainability awareness into all aspects of its curriculum. Parsons MFA and BFA students assist art teacher Ann Rosen — a Parsons alum – and work with children in grades K – 5.

Below are some quotes from Fine Arts students about their experience.

Working with the students at BNS has informed my studio practice in ways I had not anticipated. This internship has been an amazing pedagogical experience and has allowed me to see my work with a fresh perspective.
-Kaitlynn Redell, MFA 2013

Assisting Ann Rosen at the Brooklyn New School was a great opportunity. The art projects she assigned were very interesting and engaging for the children. I found the experience of helping students explore their ideas through clay, drawing, printmaking and painting to be very rewarding and a lot of fun.
-Alice Gibney, MFA 2012

My internship at Brooklyn New School was a great experience. Coming from a different country, I got to know how art is taught in schools in the US. The art class, led by Ann Rosen, is an essential part of the curriculum for every grade, influencing many aspects of students’ learning. The different projects, use of mediums and the structure of the class offer the children space for freedom and creativity, as they learn about art, current events and make connections to their other classes through art making. It was overall an outstanding opportunity to learn about art in a different scenario.
-Paulina Garcia, MFA 2012

My internship at Brooklyn New School was a fun experience that showed me how complicated art concepts could be reinterpreted to captivate and inspire a younger audience. The projects were challenging and exciting for each age group while also incorporating new skills with an array of materials, fundamentals of art making, cultural relevance, and ideas from each grade’s curriculum. It was refreshing to be exposed to so many young minds that brought with them their eagerness, honesty, resilience, and unhindered creativity.
-Kalena Patton, MFA 2012












Alice Gibney (MFA Fine Arts 2012) with students at PS 146

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