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AMT Faculty Project “Myne” is Up and Running

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is an open-source online platform to connect and visualize relationships between the people, courses, research and projects within an academic community. Myne can help reveal hidden opportunities for collaboration, coordination, and communication that exist within every university community.

Initially developed at Parsons the New School for Design, the platform was designed to augment existing enterprise database management systems by integrating university data with more emergent, user-centered information, within a customizable, friendly interface.

By enhancing the utility of existing campus databases and formal university taxonomies with user-generated content and less formal ‘folksonomies’, Myne is a tool that can support inter-departmental collaboration, facilitate current streams of research and integrate commonly disparate information sources.  By applying Myne’s dynamic and multi-scalar interface, existing enterprise systems can become more widely available to the needs of students, faculty and administration.

Who We Are

Myne is a project of the XYZlab, a multi-disciplinary research and design studio at Parsons the New School For Design, focusing on the collaborative development of participatory design tools for spatialized urban research, social networking, community participation and non-linear storytelling.

XYZ Lab Directors:

Jane Pirone, Assistant Professor Communication Design

Jess Irish, Assistant Professor Design & Technology


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