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AMT Faculty Present at Burning Man

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Catch talks by Reality Sandwich founders Daniel Pinchbeck and Michael Robinson, plus other Evolver speakers and regional coordinators at Burning Man: Rites of Passage.

The Evolver network has formed its first ever pod at Burning Man this year as the camp Red Lightning. Come meet regional organizers from around the world, including Australia, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Baltimore at Red Lightning (5:15 and Esplanade).

Friday Sept. 2, 3-5pm Rites of Passage dome:
Erin Shaw, Baza Novic (Evolver Los Angeles), and Reality Sandwich founder Michael Robinson present: Boon for the Commons: A Community Initiation

The hero’s journey culminates in the return with the boon, a sacred gift or new wisdom. Using the language of myth and art, community-builders from the Evolver network will discuss ways to offer your boon to a cultural commons, ultimately for planetary benefit. With guest speaker Michael Robinson, we will explore contemporary initiations, pop-shamanic vision quests, and connecting with your archetypal self.

Saturday Aug. 3, 4pm Entelechy Dome
Evolver: Jennifer Palmer and Michael Robinson

Jennifer Palmer and Michael Robinson want to help you complete your initiation towards becoming a citizen of the emerging planetary culture. This talk will activate you into understanding the Evolver network already in action in 50 cities world wide, and how your gifts can help create positive change for the collective. Black Tie only. No RSVP necessary.



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