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AMT at Industry City, May 9 – May 21

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A multidisciplinary showcase of the diverse, innovative work of tomorrow’s leaders in art and design. Process:Concept at Industry City is part of the Parsons Festival 2015 in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

On view through May 21, 2015

220 36th St, 3rd floor, Sunset Park Brooklyn
(Subway: Take the N or R –or D–trains to 36 St. stop in Brooklyn – N is express from Manhattan, much faster (by 10 mins!)

Opening Reception Saturday, May 9th , 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

The opening night celebration will include the following performances. Descriptions here.

8:00PM –  Performance collaboration with Mannes the New School for Music – Soo A Kim (BFA Fine Arts)
9:00PM – Dis Course – Marquale Ashley (BFA Photography) & Gabby Madden (BFA Fine Arts) 
10PM – Experimental Electronic Instruments – Brendan Byrne (MFA Design and Technology)

AMT Programs and students are showing the following work: is an installation that allows a person to transact a single piece of their personal data in exchange for a cookie. By making this transaction explicit for the user we highlight the value of personal data and question how the individual is considered in a data driven society.,,,, digital animation, digital ads, machine learning API, 4 computer terminals, display monitor, wireless router, chicken wire, poly-fil, cat-5 cables, led strips, arduino, Data Times newsprint, Data Weekly tabloid, plexi bakery display case, cookies

(SDM) Sophia Callahan, (SDM) Chris Fussner, (MFADT) Henry Lam (IDP) Noah Emrich

Faculty guidance: (SDS ) John Bruce (AMT) David Carroll

New Documents
Presented by Parsons BFA Photography in collaboration with Photofeast

Isabella Alesci, Cassie Basford, Fan Chen, Sofia Colvin, Ryan Duffin, Todd Durm, Elizabeth Foulkes, Emily Heinz, Cassidy Paul, Brandon Petulla,Kelly Reilly, Victoria Rickson, Hallie Turner, Mark Woodward, Sarah Yee

Faculty guidance: Shari Diamond and Lacie Garnes

BFA Fine Arts Installations
Faculty guidance: Anthony Aziz, Don Porcaro, Shoshan Dentz– BFA Fine Arts Senior Thesis Faculty 2015.

Gray Matters
Hoi Cheng & Ian Costello ­

Endless Love ­- Instrumental
Jacob Wood & Kerim Zapsu ­

In distinct place
Carly Burnell & Vito Nicholas ­

Hye Ryung Na

Tree Installation
Su Qin & Julie Moon


Exploring the power dynamic between authority and those that are subject to it, we intervene through the futuring of four objects that disobey conventional paradigms of light, computing, gravity and sound.

(SDM) Chris Fussner, (SDM) Travis Alex, (BFA DT) Si Ping Lim

Leap Web

This project revolves around using drone technology to connect secluded and dispersed populations in need of assistance. Our concept focuses on leapfrogging technology and infrastructure that requires constant investment and maintenance. Our core belief is that drones can be used comprehensively in conjunction with future interfaces to decentralize support systems.

(SDM) Chris Fussner, (MFA DT) Sam Madhu

BFA Illustration

Parsons Pop Cart
A portable shop packed with handmade merchandise from Parsons students

Flat Files
A selection of work from the Illustration senior students organized in flat files

Faculty guidance: Todd Lambrix, Noel Claro, Annette Berry, Andrew Robinson (SDS)

AAS Graphic Design
A selection of  work from students in the AAS Graphic Design program at Parsons.

Faculty guidance:  Julia Gorton


Printmaking at Parsons
A working space to showcase hand carved relief printing and a selection of print work from students across Parsons.

Faculty guidance:  Julia Gorton, Martin

“Pushing the Screen” 
Collaborative Process: Digital > Silkscreen > Projection

Jonathan Niederer, Riho Mineta, Zachary Hurley

Faculty guidance: Michael Kirk

Thesis work from the BFA Communication Design program
Projection and book display

We are proud to present here the work of our BFA Communication Design students. Located within a progressive university and in New York City, these BFA programs are the most internationally diverse, technologically inclined, socially minded, future-focused, and interdisciplinary programs of their kind. Our students are not just designers: many are also photographers, artists, illustrators, programmers, social scientists, and writers, and their engagement with students and faculty outside of their chosen field is encouraged and visible in their work.

The work begins with a question, problem, or dilemma, and responds with design. Over the course of their time at Parsons, students practice research, ideation, prototyping, iteration, and presentation in the service of ideas that matter to them. A successful project does not only show a capable designer, but also someone who has the curiosity to learn independently about a subject outside ofdesign, as well as the tenacity to learn whatever it takes to convey a message or solve a problem.

For those who continue to see making as a way to learn rather than just a means to an end, design can be a lifelong framework to see the world and their place in it. Our strongest hope is that students will take with them curiosity, tenacity, and learning as a habit. This work is the first proof that they can.

Faculty guidance: William Bevington, Juliette Cezzar, Pascal Glissmann, Ken Meier, Andrew Shurtz, Lucille Tenazas, Julia Wargaski


MFA Fine Arts Installations
Faculty guidance, Simone Douglas

Tao Xian

Emoji Bojagi
Minhee Bae

National community
Ryota Sato

Maika’i Tubbs

Prescribed ghosts
Leonie Cicirello

Hookman and Ghillie
Andy Wentz & Mylo Mendez –

Vered Snear

Untitled anticipation 2015
Emil Alenius Boserup

Velocity has an equal and opposite inevitability in suspension
Jess English

What Daniel Buren Saw
Fernando do Campo

Tariku Shiferaw

“Welcome to the USA” ” We buy Asians”
Umber Majeed

(In projection room 3)

Today is the tomorrow of Yesterday, and the yesterday of tomorrow
Ingrid Zhuang

Amal Khan

Future Projections
A projection of images and films created by 1st and 2nd year Parsons MFA Photography students.

Participating artists: Seyyed Arash Fewzee Youssefi, Elizabeth Harnarine, Yan Kwok, Kyle Meyer, Cecilia Mezulic, Varvara Mikushkina , Sebastian Perinotti , Mengya Xiao , Alex Kwok, Cecilia Mezulic , Chris Fergeson, Elizabeth Harnarine , Fernanda Kock, Jiazhong Sun, Kyle Meyer, Varvara Mikushkina, Xiao Mengya, Ashley Middleton, Dongli Huang, Dongmin Lee, Emily Shevenock, Jeremy White,  Kelsey Karstrand, Marco Bell, Masahito Ono, Matthew Scerbak, Melissa Preston, Qiren Hu, Rosana Liang, Shiang-Jiun Chen .

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