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Design for People: Chapter 13

stories about how people worked together to make a book about how people work together

Wednesday, February 24, 6:30 PM – Parsons School of Design – 66 West 12th Street

A limited number of free tickets are available for students, faculty and staff. Click here to RSVP. Please note the form will shut down when the event has reached capacity.

Design for People (coming soon from Metropolis Books) is a book with 12 chapters about design projects by Scott Stowell’s design studio Open, told in the words of people who made them and people who used them. Chapter 13 is a discussion about Design for People itself, told in the words of people who made it and people who’ve read it.

For instance, you may hear about all the times Scott had to cajole people to go on the record; the day an intern rifled through a client’s old email, only to find out that client once wanted to fire Open; or when (and why) the book had to be 1.8519% smaller than it was supposed to be.

Join us for a unique event about a unique project–and learn how mistakes can be opportunities, what it’s like to interview 200 people, and why most design books (besides this one, anyway) are kind of the same. You can order your own copy of Design for Peoplewith your ticket–or buy it at this event.

Chappell Ellison, writer, editor, and design advocate
Karrie Jacobs, writer and editor
Bryn Smith, designer, writer, and critic
Scott Stowell, proprietor of Open
– and more

After the event you are invited to join the panelists for a reception and book signing in The Atrium.

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