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Absolute Beginners. Retitled: Absolutely Fabulous!

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Charles Nix’s Fall 2011 AAS Typography 1 students—Rachel Tervenski, Angela Choi, Anny Chen, Debra Ohayon, Evan Schlomann, Jaclyn Nussbaum, Janet Kim, Jasmine Kounang, Joseph Whang, Melissa Kaufmann, Michael Diaz, and Taryn Espinosa—have accomplished something few budding typographers ever will. Their suite of twelve prints, Retitled, was selected in the Type Directors Club ( annual competition for its outstanding typography. Not a bad design debut! The prints (18 x 24″ each) combine classical typography (think, 1500–1800) with fresh content, and will be on display at the New York opening of the TDC show in July (and throughout the world during the exhibitions 2011–12 tour).

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