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AAS Graphic Design Work 04 receives a “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” from TDC

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AAS Graphic Design publication WORK 04 has been recognized by the Type Directors Club with a “Certificate of Typographic Excellence.” A three-person team (art direction by AAS faculty member William Morrisey; design by Jonathan Greenblatt {AAS} and Gelsey Maślanka {CD}) worked to achieve design excellence while really putting the students’ work forward, in a compressed footprint (as the book is number four in a like-sized series).

William Morrisey writes:
“The goal was to connect each reader with the many talented students in the Parsons AAS GD Program. Design solutions: separate important written info about each piece shown from the work itself—blurbs first, then pretty pictures; use French Fold as a functional element, where work flows over outer edge of book; have reader interact with book both ‘left-to-right’ and ‘up-to-down,’ to engage; work within a limited budget to achieve a deluxe, jewel-like object, including metallic gold foil stamped cover.”

The TDC award for Work 04 celebrates not only the accomplishments of the designers who gave it its form, but also the amazing designers and artists who teach AAS Graphic Design, and of course, the talented and hardworking students who’s work graces its pages. Congratulations!

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