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AAS Graphic Design Student Profile: Meredith Blake

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Meredith Blake, a current AAS graphic design student (’14), was recently profiled by AMT. Read more about Meredith and what she is up to below!

Meredith_Blake_CardsA set of cards Meredith created that function as a color wheel

AMT: What are some classes or internships that you are doing this semester?

Meredith Blake: I am taking 4 classes this semester which are, Graphic Design III, Photolithography, History of Graphic Design, Portfolio + Process.  I am also doing an internship 2 days a week at MODCo Creative, a creative advertising agency for school credit.


After learning the importance of language and semantics, Meredith created this poster from found objects as a homage to one of her past professions. 

AMT: What are some of your favorite classes and with whom? Why are they your favorite?

MB: My Graphic Design courses (II + III) this semester and last semester have been my favorite courses so far with Natasha Chandani and Christine Moog respectively. Probably because they required me to take everything I learn in my other courses (typography, color theory, digital layout/software, web/interactive design, history, etch) and apply those skills to conceptual ideas I created. These courses really helped me hammer out my design process and understand how I work and also what I need to work on. I feel like some of my other courses, while vital like digital layout, were more supplemental in the sense that what I learn in that course is really just a tool. In GDII and III, I am able to take these tools and apply them to my ideas and process. I also really liked my professors, they came up with some fun and challenging projects.

AMT: Tell us a little about your background. What were you doing before you joined the program and what made you decide on AAS graphic design?

MB: My background is diverse. I have a BS in anthropology and a masters of forensic science. I worked at a government think tank that dealt with science and technology policy for several years. Then after my graduate degree I worked at the DC medical examiner’s office as a forensic investigator. I ended up in the Parsons AAS program because I wanted a career change that would let me be creative and design because I know that is what I really always wanted to do. My past careers offered a lot, but were in no way a creative outlet. I have always been a creative person and took every art course I could in school. I took an entire year of art courses in undergrad and was planning on doing an art degree but I wasn’t sure what concentration to choose. They had graphic design at my university, but I don’t think I even knew what it was back then. I think I thought it was like illustration/animation. I chose the AAS program because I already have 2 other degrees so I wanted a program that just focused on what I needed to know to be a designer. I didn’t have the time, money or energy to do another BA or MA degree.

Pages from Meredith’s book Bridge Talk. A collection of street art photographs captured over frequent journeys across the Williamsburg Bridge. 

AMT: Why graphic design? What do you love about graphic design?

MB: I chose graphic design because I am designer at heart, not an artist. I think there is a difference. I don’t really sit at home and “do art.” I think design is about problem solving and communication. Good design communicates specific ideas to a specific audience. I like to take a design problem and solve it the best way I can. While fine art definitely communicates to an audience, I think it is lacking the problem solving aspect which separates the two. Fine art has a much more personal aspect. I love graphic design because I can take a problem and solve it in so many different ways. I love coming up with conceptual ideas and then manifesting visually. I love graphic design because I can represent relationships and connections visually. I can use images or color or type or a combination to create moods, feelings and stories.


Meredith Blake herself!

AMT: Thanks Meredith. Have a great rest of your semester and looking forward to seeing what you do after the AAS program! If you want to see more from Meredith, check out her portfolio here

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