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AAS GD Alumni Spotlight: Kevin Cheung

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Can you describe your current job or practice?
Kevin Cheung: I’m a Senior Art Director at BBDO Hong Kong. I develop creative ideas and ad campaigns for various brands and industries. My work ranges from TV commercials and prints to mobile and social content.

Kevin Cheung, “Vita Lemon Tea – AR Music Mixer”

What’s your background and what brought you to Parsons?
Kevin Cheung: I started as an Account Servicing at an ad agency. While managing ad projects had been exciting and helped me to see the business side of the industry, I wanted to be more involved in creating the ideas and crafting the work. So I applied to Parsons for the comprehensive design education I needed for my career change.

Kevin Cheung, “Goldfish”

Did you always know you wanted to work in Advertising?

Kevin Cheung: Yes and no. While I’m always passionate about advertising, at Parsons I had the opportunity to explore other types of design, which were also very interesting. Only later on I found the path that suits me best in advertising.

Kevin Cheung, “Campbells”

Do you have any memorable moments as a student, one that helped shape you?
Kevin Cheung: As a student, I enjoyed all the class critiques and presentations. Those moments helped me see things in new perspectives and think outside of a box, and the many presentation practices definitely paid off.

Kevin Cheung, “Oronamin C”

When did you graduate and what was your first job out of school?
Kevin Cheung: I graduated in 2012, and I restarted my ad career as an Art Director at Young & Rubicam Hong Kong.

Kevin Cheung, “Huawei – Phone”

Do you have any advice for those considering designing for a global community?
Kevin Cheung: Pursue what you love; plan for it and go for it! And keep yourself open to things you come across, chances are you might discover more.

Kevin Cheung, “Vita Xbox”

 What’s next for you?
Kevin Cheung: I will be looking into creative opportunities in China, as there is still much room for learning and practice.


Kevin Cheung, “Huawei Pad”


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